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What is a ‘live casino’?

Live casinos combine aspects of online casino gambling with real-life, brick and mortar casinos with real dealers and equipment. Every betting decision you make is done via your computer or mobile device (by simply clicking your mouse, for example), while the outcome of the game is determined by a mini-casino which is normally set up in a specialised studio.

Live casinos have come a long way in a relatively short period of time, and with further technological developments, particularly the emergence of 5G mobile networks which can support high definition video streaming, we expect live dealer sites to continue to gain in popularity.

Players watch the game process unfold via a live stream, with many live games featuring HD technology and audio links. Just think of it as playing at a real casino remotely, just in the same way as people make bids at a real-life auction remotely, via phone or online.

Live casino games generally are those which involve a dealer or croupier – i.e. poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

What’s great about live casinos?

As dealers in live casino games can communicate with players, many players prefer this type of online gambling as it feels more ‘real’. Dealers can ask players questions, comment on the results and create banter between other players. This all builds up the excitement and atmosphere of each game.

Other players prefer live casino games because, unlike traditional online casinos, the outcomes are not generated by a computer code (Random Number Generator) but rather real equipment set up in a studio. Using real roulette wheels or real packs of cards operated by professionally-trained dealers builds up players’ trust – and also adds to the authenticity of the gaming experience.

Are live casinos the future of online casino gambling?

It is safe to say that live dealer games are becoming more and more popular with online casino players. Live games required high-speed internet connections, especially if you want to play in HD and not experience any lags. In the past, not all users trusted their home Wi-Fi’s performance and so tended to opt for the non-live games. However, with faster, more reliable connections around the world, live dealer games are becoming easier to access.

Also, with more players, the demand for live games increases, thus creating more options for players in terms of games, casino brands and hardware to run the games on, such as smartphones and tablet devices.

Major live casino software suppliers – Net Ent, Evolution Gaming & Microgaming

Below, we have provided an overview of three of the top live casino software providers. These are trusted names that are regulated and licensed around the world – so you can rest assured that when you play any online casino game developed by these companies, you’ll be getting fair odds, outcomes and payouts on your bets.

Please note: these software providers offer both live and non-live casino games that use Random Number Generator (RNG) technology.

Net Ent is one of the oldest online casino software providers. Currently, they offer live roulette (where players can even place bets while the wheel is still spinning – just like in a real casino) as well as live blackjack. These games are available in various different branded versions, many of which can be played on mobile devices.

Microgaming was the first ever casino software company, and is considered a pioneer in the industry. They have been providing live dealer games for over seven years, with more than one hundred different branded casinos for players to take their pick. Their live dealer software is known for its fantastic graphics interfaces, high definition-quality streaming and glamorous dealers.

Another well-established name in the online casino sector, Evolution Gaming is best known for its live Texas Hold’em Poker platforms that can be played across numerous devices, including home desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. They also provide software for live roulette and blackjack on mobile devices.

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