Privacy Policy for Live Guide

Below, please take a moment to read the privacy policy that applies to all pages of this website,, and learn more about how we manage your data.

By accessing, you agree that any information automatically and/or manually collected by this website becomes our possession, and, as the owners of this website, we have the right to use such data for our own purposes. If you do not agree with this, then please exit this site.

Like other websites, Live Guide collects information in the form of data from its users in the form of cookies, or data that is manually inputted into this site via contact forms, for example. This can include personally-identifiable data such as email addresses and names of our users, as well as non-personally identifiable data, such as IP addresses and metrics regarding website behaviour.

We reserve the right to use this data to analyse how our users browse through our site, to measure website traffic and, occasionally, send out marketing correspondence via email when applicable.

By no means shall we share, sell and make publicly available any of the data collected by this website. We take all necessary measures to ensure your data is kept private.  Email addresses and contact information that is collected by the contact form on the website is immediately deleted.  Contact us here if you require any information about data.